HVG Germany: Hopfen


HVG Cold-Storage

Cold storage of raw hops and hop products is an important element of quality assurance within a brewery as:

  • Quality is standardised at the highest level
  • The ratio of elements remains stable
  • Variety characteristics are maintained and are not weakened by ageing
  • Bittering of beer can be standardised and thus made more reliable
  • The intensity of beer bitterness decreases with the age of the hop but this also has a detrimental effect on the quality of the bitterness
  • Hop oils undergo an oxidative alteration when not refrigerated during storage, which can result in a “cheesy“ aroma
  • Oxidation and polymerisation of polyphenols cause compounds which create what is described as a broad and lingering bitterness

The quality of beer is improved and is more consistent due to the use of cold-stored hops and their derived products :

Our HVG Cold Storage Service offers you the opportunity to make your hop logistics more flexible and to benefit from market opportunities through prolonged and careful hop storage. Prejudices against the quality of older crop years are entirely unjustified, provided products are correctly stored, i.e. between approx.  0-5°C. Pellets can thus be kept virtually stable for 4 years without any difficulty, extracts considerably longer. 

Cold storage of your products in our two refrigerated warehouses with space for around 10,000 pallets

We provide the following services:

  1. We stock your hop products:
     -  pellets and extract
     -  products from our works and externally produced products
  2. We take over your inventory management with our warehouse management system
  3. We insure your products
  4. We record the temperature and air humidity of our refrigerated warehouses


How do you define quality?
e.g. in the preservation
- of alpha acid
- of hop aroma
- of beer flavour