HVG Germany: Hopfen

During the production of hop extracts, care is taken not to alter the original quality of the natural product, just as with pellets. Since the beginning of the seventies, hops have been industrially extracted. Organic solvents such as hexane, methanol or methylene chloride are suitable for dissolving polar resin and oil components in the hop cone. In the course of the extract development, liquid or supercritical CO2 established itself over other organic solvents for the gentle extraction of hop components. Ethanol is still used today to a lesser degree.

In the supercritical range (temperature > 31°C and pressure > 75 bar) CO2 dissolves non-polar hop components such as oils and soft resin which are found in the lupulin gland. The extraction parameters can vary and thus enable flexible adjustment to the respective hop variety. Hops must be pelletised before extraction with CO2.