HVG Germany: Hopfen


Hop aroma products

The yield of hop aroma obtained with conventional hopping is low (< 10 %) and the success of “aromatisation” can often not be calculated. As hop aroma is very complex, it is also very difficult to control (hop varieties, age, product type).

CO2 hop extract usually forms the basis of aromatic products which enables use of the following methods:

  • production of a hop oil-enriched extract, e.g. in the course of supercritical CO2 extraction through fractioned separation: CO2 extract with a small oil volume + extract rich in oil; careful procedure
  • Steam distillation (if necessary in vacuum)

Other procedures are:

  • Separation of CO2 extract rich in oil in several fractions in a CO2 operated distillation column
  • High vacuum molecular distillation
  • Column chromatography for production of fractions