HVG Germany: Hopfen



Friends and Enemies

The well-targeted use of antagonists to control pests has been researched at the Hop Research Centre in Hüll (Dr. Benker) since 1994.

As antagonists we mean those insects which feed on the hop pests. By understanding the relations between insects in the hop yards we can search for opportunities to enable pest control to be supplemented in a natural way. For example in the fight against phorodon humuli, hop aphids, considerable success has been achieved by using the seven-spotted ladybird (coccinella septempunctata) as a predator and the wasp (aphidus matricariae) as a parasitoid.

Among the beneficial organisms are e.g.

Ladybirds ( Coccinellidae )
Rhizobius chrysomeloides
Calvia decemguttata
Coccinula quatuordecimpustulata
Synharminia conglobata

Lacewings (Chrysopidae )
Tjederina gracilis
Chrysopa phyllchroma

Drepanopteryx phalaenoides
Sympherobius sp.

Hover flies
Eupeodes corollae
Epistrophe eligans

etc., etc.