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Hop Analytics 


How do you analyse hops?

Hops in their natural form are a very inhomogeneous product. There can be significant differences within the lots and even within a single bale. When analysing the various hop lots it is therefore essential to prepare the sample thoroughly in order to be able to analyse the alpha acids representatively. First of all the resins have to be extracted from the plant material by a solvent before a sample can be analysed for its valuable components.

The steps for analysing cone hops or hop products are generally as follows: 

  1. Preparing the sample:
    • taking the sample
    • breaking up the large sample
    • separating into individual samples
  2. Releasing the bitter substances:
    • selecting a solvent
    • selecting the suitable mixer or shaker
    • clarifying the solution
  3. Measuring:
    • physical method / separation
    • evaluating the measuring signal