HVG Germany: Hopfen


Hops in Germany are and were pioneering for other agricultural products in their traceability and extensive inspections. The clear structure, the extensive production regions and the close cooperation between brewers, government and producers have contributed to making hops one of the optimum controlled agricultural products. Hops in Germany exceed the maximum legal standards. We are continually working to improve this high level even further.

But what are problem substances?
Agricultural products are exposed to environmental influences during the vegetation phase, which can lead to contamination.
Among the environmental contaminants in hops are substances such as metals, radio-nuclides and mycotoxins. Other substances are for example nitrate and zinc which enter the hop plant when the soil is fertilized.
The repeated harmlessness of the hops regarding these substances is proved annually. The paper "Environmental Contaminants in Hops" closely examines this specific subject. "Umweltkontaminanten Im Hopfen"

Plant protectives are specifically used to control pests and diseases. Possible residues are not the result of environmental contamination.

German hops are regularly tested for pesticide residues. The hop-trading firms and authorities analyse about 1/3 of the entire crop. With preventive measures, good expert practice, cooperation with the plant protective Industry and periodical screenings the German hop Industry guarantees that the high standards expected of the products are fulfilled.

In his publication publication "Pflanzenschutzmittel - Rückstände in Hopfen ausgeschlossen" (Plant protective residues in hops out of the question) Bernhard Engelhard, Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft, has compiled the main points of the comprehensive monitoring system."Pflanzenschutzmittel-Rückstände in Hopfen ausgeschlossen"

Nowadays traceability and HACCP are legal requirements. In his publication: "From the hop yard to the brewing copper" Ludwig Hörmansperger, Hopfenring Hallertau, provides an insight into this topic.
"Vom Hopfengarten bis zum Sudkessel"

Hops are not directly consumed by the consumer, as is the case with other agricultural products, but are added as spice to the beer in very small quantities. This thousand-fold dilution is also a reason why the hops are not a crucial factor in the HACCP aspect in the breweries.

Summarized in one sentence, for Germany it can be said:

We do everything in Germany to make sure the brewers all over the world can sleep soundly.