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Since 1953, HVG has had one goal in mind in its role as the collective marketing organization for hop growers, namely, to supply the brewing industry around the globe with premium hop products from Germany. For breweries, we serve as the direct contact to hop growers in order to ensure complete transparency.


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We are the hop growers

We guarantee fair and transparent conditions by purchasing hops exclusively from our own members, who are all German hop farmers.

We supply German hops

As the largest hop cooperative in the world, we grew from a regional cooperative of hop producers to a global player in merely a few decades.

We guarantee quality

Every brewer who uses German hops for his/her beers can rely on our exceptional quality standards.

We process and refine German hops

We provide competent consulting from proven hop experts and operate state-of-the-art, efficient processing plants.

We breed hops for growers and brewers

Our declared goal is to breed disease-resistant and climate-tolerant hop varieties with outstanding properties for brewing beer.


Our experience and insight as a service provider for our own hop producers as well as for brewers has made HVG one of the most important partners on the market for German hops. Today, breweries from more than 100 countries on every habitable continent purchase German hops directly from hop growers through HVG.



(TYPE 90, TYPE 45, Isomerized Pellets)


(CO2, IKE)


An Early Vision has Finally Become a Reality…

The largest hop extraction plant in the world was completed in St. Johann in 2020. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art 500 bar high-pressure extractors which allow the production of hop extracts of exceptional quality, in an efficient and sustainable manner.


In Bavarian Wolnzach – in the middle of Hopfenland Hallertau – the HVG, Hopfenverwertungsgenossenschaft e.G. has its seat. The growers from Tettnang and Elbe-Saale have been members of the marketing community established in Hallertau in 1953 since 2001.

In that way, the world’s largest association of hop growers in a cooperative to date have developed. This unique constellation guarantees the supply security of German hops of the highest quality and diversity to the international brewing industry.

Thanks to our growers' experience, the practical research and advice as well as our expertise in hop processing and trading, German hops is successful all over the world.