HVG Germany: Hopfen

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HVG Hopfenverwertungsgenossenschaft e.G.
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D- 85283 Wolnzach

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Freisingerstrasse 48
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The HVG is a transparent, dependable and reliable partner of the German hop-growers. Besides processing German hops into HVG hop pellets, HVG hop extract and other hop products as well as marketing the German hop production the HVG also fulfils important tasks as a producer group. Among these are:

  • promoting measures to improve the production (presses; Turbodrop jets; etc.)
  • promoting the Independent Quality Appraisal (NQF) • supporting hop research
  • supporting research and registration procedures in plant protection
  • also marketing those hop varieties for the growers which are difficult to sell
  • worldwide promotion / worldwide marketing of hops from German production
  • surveying hop acreage and editing data to obtain informative statistics on hop production in Germany
  • paying out subsidies in accordance with the European Hop Market Regulation