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Our core task is to market hops from our growers directly to the brewing industry all over the world. We process hops, refining them to hop products of the highest quality and distribute these products through innovative services. We are at the center of a close network of institutions and service providers involved with hop production. We actively promote the sustainability and future viability of hop production in Germany through various research projects and strategic investments. Our members come from the Hallertau, Tettnang and Elbe-Saale hop-growing regions in Germany. This has led to the formation of the world’s largest cooperative of hop growers to date. This unique constellation guarantees that the international brewing industry will continue to receive a reliable supply of German hops of the highest quality and diversity.


HVG is a joint shareholder in Hopfenveredlung St. Johann GmbH, the largest and most modern hop processing plant in the world. Since the autumn of 2020, Hopfenveredlung St. Johann has not only been making hop pellets but also producing the hop extracts previously processed in Wolnzach.

HVG has an additional location in Mainburg for the storage and processing of whole hops. There, whole hops are pressed into bales (ballots) of 50 to 100 kilograms in addition to being packaged in VacuPacks. These are for brewers who brew in a traditional manner – with whole hops or hop powder.

HVG also offers a cold storage service: purchased hop products are properly stored in cold storage areas at approx. 0–5 °C (32–41 °F). The temperature and humidity are continuously monitored and documented in the climate-controlled rooms. This ensures that the quality of the hops is maintained at a high level while also allowing breweries to react to demand and developments on the market in a flexible manner.


In addition to processing German hops into HVG hop pellets, HVG hop extract and other hop products as well as marketing them around the world, HVG also serves as an organization serving the interests of hop producers. This includes implementing measures to promote the following objectives:

Modernizing hop production and consulting with hop producers regarding aspects of production

Ensuring and increasing product quality

Supporting hop research

Supporting researches on and approvals of plant protection measures

Marketing and selling German hops worldwide

Our executive board: Wolfgang Ruther, Dr. Erich Lehmair, Gudrun Höfter and Dr. Johann Pichlmaier

Together we are strong!

This has been our guiding principle ever since our cooperative was founded in 1953