HVG Team

Dr. Johann Pichlmaier


Dr. Erich Lehmair


Carlos Ruiz

Key Account International
Power of Attorney

Sabine Ohnesorge

Key Account International

Kurt Niederwieser

Key Account National
Quality Manager

Jürgen Weishaupt

Key Account National
Head of HVG Tettnang

Wolfgang Ketterer

Key Account National

Johann Bertazzoni

Key Account International
Craft Beer

Dr. Florian Schüll

Head of Technical Management

Dr. Johannes Stampfl

Breeding and Research Projects

Wolfgang Stanglmair

Head of Purchasing

Manfred Riedl

Head of Processing

Karl Reisinger

Head of Logistics

Our experienced and competent staff are available to assist brewery customers from all over the world throughout the entire value chain related to hops. Due to its special role as a producer cooperative, we are well-versed in all facets of hops and hop products. The close relationship we have with our own hop growers enables our staff to draw on all information collected about hops grown in a certain crop year to advise HVG customers. Whether it be market studies, newsletters or events, our customers always receive firsthand information, direct from the source. A team of HVG brewing experts helps breweries answer any questions they might have on any aspect of hops.

Where to find us

Head Office
HVG Hopfen­verwertungs­genossen­schaft e.G
Kellerstrasse 1
85283 Wolnzach
Telephone: +49-8442-957100

HVG Leaf Hops Centre in Mainburg
Freisingerstrasse 48
84048 Mainburg
Telephone: +49-8751-8464900

HVG Office Tettnang
Kaltenberger Str. 41
88069 Tettnang
Telephone: + 49-7542-52136