HVG offers a wide range of hop products for various applications in the brewery. We keep our promise to deliver the highest quality products, which go on to serve as a basis for the excellent beers brewed by our customers.


HVG LEAF (VacuPack)

PELLETS (TYPE 90, TYPE 45, ISO-Pellets)



VACUPACK – Whole Hops Packed under Inert Atmosphere 

Pressed whole hops packaged in VacuPacks have been used for many decades in breweries, primarily for hop additions in the brewhouse, either in the kettle or in the whirlpool. But this product is also ideally suited for “dry hopping” in the lager cellar. VacuPacks are the perfect solution for breweries that prefer whole hops to the diverse range of hop products available today. VacuPacks combine the advantages of whole hops (considered genuine or “natural”) with protection against oxidation, just as with pellets, due to the gentle handling during packaging operations. They contain all of the aromatic substances, polyphenols and bittering resins of the whole hop cones.

Why choose VacuPack?

  • there are no analytical differences between the whole hops in farmer bales and VacuPack
  • reduced transport and storage costs
  • better storage stability due to inert packaging conditions
  • during the pressing process, the lupulin glands are being squeezed (similar to pelletizing) — better usability and higher yields in the brewhouse
  • increased transfer of aroma compounds especially during dry hopping



TYPE 90 hop pellets are mainly used for hop additions in the brewhouse, either in the kettle or in the whirlpool but also for “dry hopping” during maturation and conditioning. HVG Pellets 90 contain nearly all-natural substances of the female flower of the hop plant in their chemical unchanged form.

Why choose  TYPE 90 PELLETS?

  • the natural spectrum of all hop substances is preserved
  • a homogenous product
  • significantly lower volume in the package than whole hops
  • packed under an inert gas atmosphere in special foil bags – very good storage stability
  • higher bitterness yields compared to whole hops

Extremely close to the natural product


Lupulin-enriched TYPE 45 PELLET

Lupulin-enriched TYPE 45 PELLETS. TYPE 45 hop pellets, like TYPE 90 pellets, are customarily used in the brewery for hop additions in the brewhouse. For some time now, this product has been garnering special attention from brewers who want to achieve maximum aroma yield through oversized hop additions in the whirlpool and on the cold side while also reducing wort and beer losses. Regardless of the degree of enrichment, HVG uses the designation TYPE 45 as a general product name for enriched hop pellets. The degree of enrichment, however, ranges from a highly enriched TYPE 30 pellet to a TYPE 85 pellet.

Why choose TYPE 45 PELLETS?

  • all of the advantages of a TYPE 90 pellet
  • enrichment of valuable substances present in whole hops by a factor of 2–3
  • the quantity of hops required is thus reduced by about half
  • less leaf material and therefore less introduction of compounds with vegetal and green aromas
  • reduction of undesirable substances (nitrate, metals and pesticide residues)
  • a halving of the packaging material as well as costs associated with transport and storage


This product was created with one goal in mind – to boost aroma

These pellets have been known as TYPE 35 pellets since 1975. We have drawn on all of our experience in hop selection and in the production of enriched pellets to create this product line. Each year, our team of experts selects hop lots of the highest quality for each variety from countless hop farmers to deliver what creative brewers need: no bells and whistles, no hype – just the distinctive aroma of a specific hop variety in a nutshell. Our watchword for enrichment is not to achieve the maximum but to find the optimum for each individual variety.



Hop extract can be used as single hop addition in hot wort or in combination with pellets. In particular, is frequently added at the beginning of the boil to achieve the requisite base bitterness. Hop extract is produced using a gentle process which extracts all essential substances in a natural and unaltered form from the hops. CO2 EXTRACT contains the natural relevant bitter and aroma compounds of the flower of the hops plant (Humulus Lupulus) in their natural chemical unchanged form. Hop polyphenols are hardly dissolved by CO2 extraction.

Why choose CO2 EXTRACT?

  • a higher bitterness yield than pellets
  • no solids are introduced, therefore wort losses are lower
  • the smallest transportation and storage volume for all natural hop products
  • stable for ten years when stored under refrigeration  (0 – 5 °C)
  • reduction of undesirable substances (nitrate, metals and pesticide residues)


We are pleased to offer the following services

Beer quality is enhanced and more consistent through the utilization of hops and the hop products created from them when they have been stored under cold, climate-controlled conditions: Our HVG Cold Storage Service offers you the option of increasing your flexibility when it comes to hop logistics and the capability to exploit market opportunities through an extended period of gentle storage for hops. Any qualitative prejudices associated with hops dating from previous harvests are completely unfounded as long as the products are properly stored, i.e. at approximately 0–5° C. Pellets are quite stable for four years when stored under these conditions, while hop extracts retain their stability for significantly longer periods.

  • We will store your hop products at our warehouse
  • We will monitor your inventory with our warehouse management system
  • We will ensure your hops and hop products in storage
  • We document the temperature and the humidity of our cold storage rooms

Did you know that...

…our products are created in the largest hop processing plant in the world?

HVG is a joint shareholder of Hopfenveredlung St. Johann GmbH, the most modern and largest hop processing plant in the world. Around 200 employees work at the St. Johann facility, where up to 35,000 tons of hops are processed into pellets and extract. We are the only company in the Hallertau capable of producing traditional bales (ballots) of whole hops, which we do at the HVG Leaf Hops Centre in Mainburg. Likewise, some of our whole hops (unmilled) are packaged in handy 5 kg vacuum packs, our VacuPacks.


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